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MEMIFAM, LLC is the production brainchild of the MEMI family and every operation is surveyed and executed by professionals in the production industry. We are not just some stuffy pencil pushers dividing and conquering equations. We are a balanced assemblage of producers, artists, entertainers and do-it-yourselfers immersed in the craft of creating events, branding materials and smart solutions. We have the tools that have proven themselves time and again; on the road, in production and on location.  

Expertise in budgeting, billing, presenting, producing, arranging, conceiving, designing, marketing and of course getting to the gig, doing it, and having fun along the way. We have the know-how and we are ready to use it.

What MEMIFAM, LLC does for your BRAND or IDENTITY:

 - Consistent & creative messaging in video and graphic representation

 - Professional editing with fast turnaround and digital HD content output

 - Small footprint logistics, one-man shoots with camera operation, audio, lighting and minor set dressing

 - From testimonials to web-based content creation, storyboarding and post


 - Production Management, Contracting, Production Design

 - Travel and Transportation, Housing, Scheduling, Logistics

 - Budgeting, Billing, Settlement, Tracking and Accounting

- Conception, Planning and Layout, Team Building, Delivery Systems

 - Venue and Vendor Relations, Riders, Booking, Travel and Transportation, Housing, Scheduling, Pre- and Post Production

 - From inception to booking to event to load-out


 - Helping small labels or self produced artists brand themselves, promote product and image, tour management, marketing and infrastructure

- Travel and transportation, housing, catering and merchandise

- Budgeting, accounting, venue/event and press coordination

 - Making the most of a small infrastructure

 - From hometown to small venture roll-out or micro-tours with personal management


There are many ways to help broaden the impact of your statement. Let MEMIFAM help you figure out what is in your range today, and what you should use as a placeholder for tomorrow. With artists and professional contacts just a phone call away, the production world is a gateway that allows passage from here to where you want to be. Producers and managers that are in tune with the process and the participants.

Where MEMIFAM LLC is going:

- Hands on management

- Clean, clear information that you can understand and analyze

- Intuitive decisions that are both respectful of budget and artistic integrity

- Maintaining brands, labels, identities, and goals

- Sub-contracting the most reliable, local vendors that can exceed desired results

- Box-bending innovation with simple and standardized tools

- Operating with the most honest intentions, methods and business practices

Going our way?